There's a saying here at Studio 87: "Do it right the first time!". Because none of us likes to do a task twice, and if we do it right from the beginning, we won't have to, either. Achieving this is easy too, if you just take a step back and analyze the way you're doing things and thinking what's the best approach to each stage.

That's why we think our workflow is one of our biggest assets, one we have been developing even before we started this business. It's not secret, however, so if you're curious to see how we'll be tackling your project, have a look below... maybe it will change your way of doing things, as well.

You can't start working on a project if you don't know what that project is about. Knowledge is power and asking the right questions is the key to obtaining that power. Therefore we would be grateful if you could fill out our short questionnaire... we'll continue our research from there.

The foundation of any project is it's layout. Colors and images are like the walls of a house, but if you build your house on sand, it will fall apart at the first gust of wind. We will come to you with our proposal of a layout and discuss the details before anything else. If you want to throw in a couple extra features, this would be a good time.

Working on solid ground now, we ca start refining the layout by adding colors, images and effects. You'll be able to watch it grow and become a "design" in the true sense of the word.

With the big picture in their hands, our team of craftsmen can start implementing the back-end of your project. With all the planning done beforehand, it's as easy as painting by numbers. Just follow the instructions!